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Registry information:

Planning a Honeymoon or Special Trip?
Let an Accent Travel Consultant help you plan a fabulous getaway ~ and if you choose, your guests can make a gift donation to your trip fund. Accent Travel's Registry can help make that special trip come true.

How do we begin?

It begins with a single phone call to one of our two leisure travel offices. One of our travel coordinators will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your ideas and budget. During this exploration of possible travel options, you can decide if you want to list your honeymoon on the Accent Travel Registry website. If your friends and relatives are interested in contributing to your honeymoon or special event, they can access the website to learn about your plans and get instructions on how to give a monetary gift. To personalize their webpage, many decide to include a photo. To see an example of a registry page click here.

When can we begin the registry?

The registry can begin any time after a destination has been selected. The most successful registries allow enough time to let family and friends know contributions can be a wedding or special event gift. Most of our registered clients will send informative emails or notes with their registry website address attached.

What kind of honeymoons or special trips does Accent Travel have to offer?

To find the trip that offers the most value for you, our travel consultants take advantage of both American Express and Accent Travel negotiated packages to travel destinations around the globe. Whether your trip is regional or international, we offer valuable guidance.
We also provide a full range of special interest vacations - Historical / Cultural - Food /Cuisine - Biking / Outdoor Adventure - Spa - Exotic Cruise and many more.
This season our Registry participants have traveled to Mexico's Mayan Sun Coast, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Colorado, Iceland, Italy and cruised to the Caribbean and Alaska.

Do the registry contributions pay for the entire Registry Trip?

While contributions can significantly reduce the cost of the trip to you, typically they do not cover the entire trip. Additionally, the timing of gifts usually do not coincide with payments required by the suppliers of your honeymoon or special trip. Your emphasis and timing of your registry announcement to friends and relatives will greatly determine how and when people respond. We recommend that you budget your honeymoon for what you feel comfortable paying for yourself, not depending entirely on the contributions of others.

How does payment work for the Special Trip?

Accent Travel works as a travel agent for you, helping to select and arrange the special trip. The airline, hotel, cruise or tour company selected will have specific payment requirements that will be explained before booking your honeymoon. Typically an initial deposit is needed to secure the reservation and a final payment is due 45 to 60 days before your trip departure. Each travel company will have specific detailed information for purchase and cancellation. You should plan on paying these scheduled payments if contributions are not sufficient to cover the deposit and final payment.

How do we keep track of contributions?

Contributors to your honeymoon / special trip are asked to send checks or call in credit cards payments. If a contributor would like to give cash, we request that they not send via mail, but stop by one of our Accent locations.
Each contribution is processed through our accounting department when checks are sent or credit cards are called in. Your travel consultant is also notified when commitments are received from the honeymoon webpage. Prior to your trip departure, your travel consultant can give you a
registry account balance update. A formal accounting log with names, payment amounts and special wishes will be sent a few weeks after your honeymoon. If you desire, we can send a check for the existing registry balance amount one week prior to your trip departure. Any monies collected after that will be sent by check after returning from the trip.

How long does it take to have our registry website up and running?

After signing up for the registry, the site can be up and running in about a week. Your photograph can be added at that time, or later if you choose to include it.

Can we apply our American Express Annual Card Benefit to our honeymoon or speical trip?

Yes, this annual benefit can be offered if your trip meets the American Express program requirements. For more information click here.

Can we share a special photo from the trip after we come back?

Yes, we invite everyone registered to share a trip photo with friends and relatives on their Accent webpage. Simply email your photo to us and we will share it on your webpage.

How much does it cost to setup an Accent Travel Honeymoon Registry?
Registry Setup charges are $50.00 at the time of your first consultation. Upon your return from the honeymoon or special trip, you will receive a $25.00 credit towards your next Accent Travel vacation. All funds collected by Accent Travel during the registry are explicitly for travel related purchases at Accent Travel. Excess funds will be held as Accent Travel credits towards future purchases. Please contact us for answers to any of your questions about our Registry.

Leisure/ Honeymoon Branch Offices:

Accent Travel / Jollyville North
(In HEB Shopping Center - Jollyville Rd. near Brick Oven Pizza)
10710 Research Blvd, Suite 328
Austin, TX 78759
Phone: 512-338-0444
Fax: 512-338-6004

Accent Travel / Brodie Oaks
4032 South Lamar, Suite 300

Austin, TX 78704
Phone: 512-441-7800
Fax: 512-441-0431

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