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We're Serious about Quality Control
We have a long history of incorporating technology into our sales process. We back this up with experienced people who bring real-world knowledge to the quality assurance process.

Accuracy is extremely important at Accent Travel - so much that we dedicate significant technological and human resources to our reservation process. We attribute our success to our well-trained and skilled agents and top travel industry software / process controls. These include several Point of Sale Tools and Mid-Office Tools.
Plus a last review by a member of our team!


Benefits include:

  • Assures all travelers are offered all available discounts.

  • Automates error-free quality controls.

  • Verifies negotiated rates with air carriers.

  • Checks reservation integrity for location and date continuity of hotel and car documentation.

  • Design Your Own Rules (DYO QC) allows us to set up and process complex rules.

  • Request mileage and pricing information as well as verify documentation.

We do it with Accent RezRules

Accent RezRules is a point of sale tool we use to ensure quality. We have built hundreds of customized rules for our clients. Our custom check rules are built to prevent finishing a record or issuing a ticket until all quality criteria are met.

Accent RezRules can automatically capture information into user-defined databases or interact with other expert modules. Reservations can be edited and completed if information is absent or incorrect and multiple rules
can be attached to one another for processing global rules while differentiating the results.

Our Mid-Office quality assurance tool is iQCX.

ResQCX compares booked reservations to a user-defined profile of more than 150 quality control checks that can be configured by a client and alerts the agent of changes that need to be made before ticketing.


Corporate Travel:
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512-338-2828 ~ Toll-Free: 800-444-5634 ~ Fax: 512-338-2813

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